Aptitude announce strategic partnership with Senzing to provide market leading Entity Resolution

A perfect match: Aptitude and Senzing Partnership

Aptitude are proud to announce our strategic partnership with leading Entity Resolution software provider Senzing to offer industry leading solutions for Fraud, Financial Crime and Data Management

At Aptitude we understand the importance of good quality data. Our Customers are building increasingly complex data driven solutions with high levels of automation with an increased use (and reliance) on Artificial Intelligence. However, many of these initiatives fail due to poor quality data. Their data exists in many data silos, is structured inconsistently, is often duplicated and it can be difficult to find meaningful relationships in their data without significant manual effort. When this data is used for AI or embedded in operational solutions, it often results in inconsistent and unreliable results. At Aptitude we sought to solve this problem by providing an Entity Resolution solution that we can integrate into a Client's own data environment - embedded in their data pipelines, powering their data platforms and improving their overall data quality. We extensively tested tools in the marketplace alongside our own custom solution and decided to partner with Senzing and their Entity Resolution API as it is the clear market leader.


Best in class Entity Resolution

Senzing is a private, US based company formed in 2016 by the world’s leading experts in entity resolution. Founded by Jeff Jonas, who previously was an IBM Fellow after his predecessor company was acquired by IBM, Senzing was created with a vision to democratize access to world-class Entity Resolution that is domain agnostic, self-correcting and self-tuning and doesn’t require teams of entity resolution experts to implement. The Senzing entity resolution API was designed from the ground up to be real-time capable, scalable and secure and these were the attributes that attracted Aptitude to begin integrating Senzing into our Data Intelligence Platform offering. Aptitude and Senzing collectively recognise the symbiotic relationship between Explainable Entity Resolution and Graph Technology to power modern data platforms and with Aptitude's domain experience in Financial Crime, Fraud and Customer 360 solutions we have created a solution that can deliver tangible results to our clients in a matter of weeks.

Our Combined Solutions

Fighting Fraud and Financial Crime

Aptitude have integrated Senzing entity resolution into our Data Intelligence Platform to help organisations defend themselves and their customers against Fraud and Financial Crime. Aptitude’s platform caters to a multitude of use cases, from detecting complex fraud and money laundering schemes to ensuring compliance and managing enterprise risks. The platform’s modular design ensures smooth integration into a client's existing infrastructures and combines the very best of Entity Resolution, Graph Technology and Graph Visualisation. Using Senzing, Aptitude are able to identify where multiple source records refer to the same real-world entity but also identify previously unknown links and relationships between them. As a result, graph visualizations become clearer and more insightful, illuminating hidden relationships and suspicious patterns in real time. 

Explainable Entity Resolution using Senzing
Entity Resolution in Action (green nodes) - connecting multiple identities

Turbocharging your Data Management with Entity Resolution

Aptitude are experts in deploying Senzing in any client on-premise or cloud environment including GCP, Azure and AWS. Entity Resolution as a data management tool brings benefits way beyond Fraud and Financial Crime. Using our deep domain experience in data integration and data management in some of the largest Financial Services companies in the world, Aptitude have developed a best practice deployment architecture for implementing Senzing in a client's own data environment. Adding Entity Resolution to your data management arsenal brings a significant number of benefits including increased data trust and accuracy, improvements in revenue, operational efficiency gains and enabling Artificial Intelligence journeys. Shown below is an example of how Entity Resolution can benefit the Legal Sector.

Creating a single customer view in your organisation

If you are interested in hearing more about how Entity Resolution can benefit your organisation, please reach out to us at info@aptitudeglobal.com.